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Wine: Tisdale

ARE WINES UNDER $5 worth a try? Absolutely! These inexpensive, readily available wines can often be quite surprising!

Tisdale Winery
Modesto, California( has some very good choices that I get at my local Winco Grocery for $3.08 a bottle.

Of all of their red varietals—Merlot, Cab, and Shiraz—my favorite is the Shiraz—a bold, full, fruity wine with a peppery finish that I keep on hand as a staple. Great to drink, great to cook with.

I also just recently noticed their Pinot Grigio when on search for an inexpensive white wine for a stew recipe—this one was slightly tart, yet had a soft finish. Since I’m not a chardonnay fan (previously their only white option), I was glad to find this one. It’s not necessarily a knock-your-socks-off wine, but for $3 a bottle—certainly worth keeping on hand for emergencies!


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