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Eating Out: Gluten Free Style

Raise your hand if you’re gluten-free and your general experience with gluten-free menus in restaurants has been a wrinkled, stained replication of the restaurant’s online menu, or worse yet, a nutritional guide that’s so confusing to follow, that you just give up and order the cheeseburger because that’s what you were craving anyway?

In my experience, this has been common for when I eat out. Granted, restaurants are getting better at offering gluten free items, or at the very least, recognizing the gluten in their ingredients, but it still feels like they want to hide the fact that you’re ordering gluten free. You get the “menu” slipped to you shamefully, like when the flight attendant gives you the seatbelt extension—not outright, but in an underhanded, “hope no one notices” kind of way.

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