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Wine: Tisdale

ARE WINES UNDER $5 worth a try? Absolutely! These inexpensive, readily available wines can often be quite surprising!

Tisdale Winery
Modesto, California( has some very good choices that I get at my local Winco Grocery for $3.08 a bottle.

Of all of their red varietals—Merlot, Cab, and Shiraz—my favorite is the Shiraz—a bold, full, fruity wine with a peppery finish that I keep on hand as a staple. Great to drink, great to cook with.

I also just recently noticed their Pinot Grigio when on search for an inexpensive white wine for a stew recipe—this one was slightly tart, yet had a soft finish. Since I’m not a chardonnay fan (previously their only white option), I was glad to find this one. It’s not necessarily a knock-your-socks-off wine, but for $3 a bottle—certainly worth keeping on hand for emergencies!


Italian Memories

Strangely, when I think of our trip to northern Italy, the food that comes to mind isn’t pasta or wine or even risotto — it’s chocolate croissants and cappuccino. Each and every morning began at a coffee bar, usually at Milano Centrale train station, where there were no tables, no chairs. We lined up out the door to wait to order and pay…shuffled to the next line for our pastry…shuffled to the next line for our cappuccino…squeezed our way up to the bar for a quick consumption, then we were on our way. It’s one of the most efficient processions I’ve ever been in!