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Review: Cornerstone Bistro

Just hearing the word “bistro” in reference to Middleton, Idaho was intriguing enough to get me to go to the Cornerstone Bistro. For those not familiar with southwest Idaho, Middleton is a rural farming town whose best eatery I had been to has been the Farm Boy Drive-In, but recently I’ve been hearing buzz about the Cornerstone and chef Ben Thorpe’s take on local, seasonal cuisine, so I decided to spend my birthday dinner there.

Dining at the Cornerstone Bistro was the first time I truly felt like a guest in a restaurant, rather than a customer. Although I must say, when we walked into this unassuming 12-seater eatery located in a tiny “strip mall”, I wasn’t blown away, until we sat down and I began to ask the waiter about gluten free options. Chef Ben himself came over and began to tell us that the entire menu is gluten friendly. He, and several members of his family eat gluten free, so he cooks that way as well. From the fried calamari to the chocolate cake — all is safe for me to eat. He hung out for several minutes chatting with us about where he buys his gluten free stock and was just genuinely nice and interested, and also offered to make us whatever we wanted, regardless of what was on the menu that night. I told him he was my hero. Read more