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About Me

Hello and welcome to my corner of the blogosphere! My name is Tara Mayberry, and I am the graphic designer/owner of TeaBerry Creative, as well as a food writer and photographer. I started this blog to share those things which inspire my life and work as a designer. I hope that you enjoy my content, and are inspired in your own life.

I’ve been married to my soul mate since 2004, and we share our lives with 3 very unique cats. I am lucky enough in my career to be able to work for myself, which gives me time to also develop recipes and make photography. I stopped eating gluten over a year ago, and enjoy the challenge of creating recipes that don’t make me miss gluten. Both my husband and I are also black belts in kung-fu and try to eat as little processed food as possible in support of a healthy lifestyle, so making food from scratch is very important to us.

My indulgences: risotto, seafood, cheese, chocolate, and Petite Sirah. I also can’t start my day without a cup of hot tea.





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